Gloria Grossi

The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”_ Proverbs 4:18

The Brain Behind the Pen

Gloria Grossi is a proud housewife who has discovered telecommuting a method through which she can impact her world. She is a lifestyle blogger and the smash hit author of the Girls Best Buddies.



Entrepreneurship is a big part of Gloria’s life. Her interest in business ownership was inspired by her parents who ran their businesses respectively. Fortunately, she was able to live up to her expectation and at age 22 she registered her business. Her business is called “Pretice92 Enterprises”, and she specialises in buying and selling of industrial spare parts. 

Prior to starting her business, Gloria worked for a multinational company as a sales executive. This opened her eyes to the possibility of making ends meet from this kind of trade. She admits that this opportunity was one of the reasons she ventured into buying and selling of Industrial spare parts. 

Gloria is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. For a considerable length of time, she has served at the sacred place of God. This is something she is proud of and will everlastingly be grateful for.

In 2016, she took a break from the university where she studied entrepreneurial and business management. Following her marriage that took place that year, she decided to take a break from school. This was all with the aim of completing her studies the following year. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for Gloria. She was diagnosed with  Pott-disease after only three months in Italy. “My joy suddenly turned to sadness,” she said. This affected her spinal cord, and the risk was for her to go lame. This situation brought depression upon every member of her family except her. Watching them feel pity for her was the only thing that got her depressed. “I was not bothered one bit; I felt and uncommon peace,” she said.

Surprisingly, Gloria started blogging during this period. This was not a choice but a circumstance she found herself in. She fell deeply in love with this act and continued with expressing herself through writing. Blogging became an escape for Gloria and today, “Classic 9ija” her lifestyle blog has over a thousand devotees. 

Without a doubt, Gloria went on to build her online presence. Following the lifestyle change she was going through, she became very interested in making money from home. Once She got the answer to her questions, she was down to help people figure out how to acquire more cash telecommuting. Her administrations are fundamental to preparing entrepreneurs to get the financial freedom they desire while working from home.

In 2018, Gloria wrote her first book “The Girls Best Buddies: Guide to loving yourself, being yourself and embracing God’s design for you”. With the help of her late friend Catherine Mayokun Egwali, she was able to self-publish her book. In no time, “The Girls Best Buddies” became the bestselling book in the children & teens Christian education category on Amazon.

Gloria strictly writes Christian self-guide books for girls and books for children. She has since written four books and has plans to continue with a writing journey.

You will find Gloria mostly with her family, reading, tuning in to great music, shopping, travelling, meeting individuals and being a gift to more youthful young ladies.

The Girls Best Buddies

This is a  book the author hold close to her heart. The material remains a testimony to Gloria; ” I can’t explain how this came to be,” she said.

The Girls Best Buddies is targeted at Christian teenage girls with the aim of helping them find themselves, be themselves and embrace the beauty of what God has designed for them. The homogenous characteristics of females around the world made it possible for Gloria Grossi to reveal through this book; keys that will help young Christian girls access success in life.

This book answers the frequently asked questions by young girls around the world such as; how to deal with YOU, others, peer pressure, depression, insecurities, building your self-esteem, relationships, how to gain your parent’s trust and the untold truth about puberty among others. This book is majorly written with teenage girls at heart. It relates to different teenage girls’ problems on a personal level. 

If you seek advice on how to lose some weight, beauty tips, how to relax your mind or how to look attractive, I am sorry this book is not for you. This book is aimed at communicating with young girls at their confused stage.

The Girls Best Buddies Makes reference to the Holy Bible, personal experiences and the experience of others.


This is an asset! My favourite book of the Bible written by King Solomon states; “Where there is no guidance, the people falls, but in an abundance of counsellors there is safety”__ Proverbs 11:14. This is a book that will not just be a blessing to the child but to the parents or guardian of the child.

I found The Girls Best Buddies full of Godly advice to hopefully keep our teenage girls focused on God as they travel through their difficult and tempting teenage years. I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



I wish I would have had a book like this when I was younger. I believe lives will be drastically impacted to hear pre-advice for a young blossoming lady. We need more books for young girls to read to keep them on a Godly path and helping them protect their virtue.



I love this author’s heart for teen girls. Miss Grossi says in the beginning of the book that what we need in order to survive is “divine wisdom” and, throughout the book, she lays that out in a very organized and practical manner with real-life examples and tips on how to be the women God created us to be: unique, loved, and beautiful girls of purpose.  Read on

Celena Marie Janton


There Goes My Baby Series

The love of parents for their children is a mystery. It cannot be bought, it cannot be replaced, and it never depreciates.

Expressing love to your children is not just because you are a phenomenal parent,  it is an investment that you will never regret.

Their spongy brains will soak up this beautiful message and in turn create a self-confidence that will serve them in life. Professing your love to your children or celebrating them can sometimes be difficult. Especially, when you don’t have the right words to express the love you feel for them. 

This children’s book has been put together to help in the expression of love in a written from from parents to their children. The different editions of the “There Goes My Baby series” cater to different relationships within the family.

There Goes my Baby Series is made up of four books, all of which are listed below.

There goes my growing Prince (A love letter from mother to son).

There goes my growing Princess (A love letter from mother to daughter).

There goes my growing Prince (A Love letter from father to son).

There goes my growing Princess (A love letter from father to daughter).

At the end of each material, you get the option to create a specialized message for your child. You also get the chance to attach photos!

We believe that it is important to catch your children young, teach them young, and express yourself to them early. This way, when they grow older, they will get the understanding to process all of the love and time you have dedicated to them. 


Coming soon









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