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How to start a business online

Written by gbethel

Hi, I am a proud housewife who has found telecommuting a method through which I can impact my world. Welcome to my official website, where I share useful tips on how to do better and get better.

8th December 2019

Blogging requires dedication and discipline.

Just like any other trade, blogging has good practices. The key to owning a successful blog starts by you recognising that blogging is not a joke. Coming to this realisation will further make you grounded as you work towards hitting new milestones. To be successful in blogging, you must be ready to strictly adhere to the advices I will be sharing with you.

Be The Consistent Blogger.

Being consistent in blogging puts you in the position to be seen often by your readers and by search engines, obviously, this is the utmost priority of bloggers. Making your readers smile and having Google on your side is the first step of securing your bag when it comes to blogging. 

Bloggers ain’t trying to be broke so constantly putting out relevant post can help in increasing our numbers. Being consistent in blogging goes towards the line of publishing posts regularly.
Maintain your blog’s relevance by constantly posting what your readers are there for. Finally, maintain your brand and those unique features that keep your readers coming back.

Create Quality Contents Through your Blog.

Blogs with poor contents will have you rolling your eyes in no time. In blogging the quality of your content is measured by different factors, particularly, those I will discuss with you in a bit. Contrary to what you might think, your fancy website is not capable of keeping your readers, however, the product manufactured through your blog will keep your readers. This will make search engines smile, in the light of this, you can make your pocket smile also. 
Below are the essential ingredients for writing quality contents.

KEEP IT 100!

Being original in your content is simply you presenting your discussion with a sense of you, certainly, this does not include you copying other people’s work. Blogging about what a gazillion number of people have or are writing about is kind of normal in blogging, however, your authenticity comes from writing through your lens. This might include you disagreeing with what everyone is applauding. It can also include giving your point of view and trying to better make your readers fall in love with your thought process.


People read blogs for a variety of reasons, for the most part, they want to learn something new or something that can help them. A post can change a reader’s mind about an issue, it can inspire them to try something new, or teach him how to do something better. Whatever you write about has to be interesting and meaningful to the blog’s readers.


Putting your ideas on paper is a super easy process. As creators, we feel like nothing is wrong with our work. Behold it is perfect in our eyes! It is okay to be sure about your writing abilities, yet, you won’t go wrong for hiring or compelling another eye to scan through your work. It is super important to keep your contents readable. This will further help in building your credibility as a writer.


In most cases, the only reason posts are not crawled through by search engines is the creator. In blogging, there is something called optimising your blog for search engines. Properly doing this can change your blogging game positively. Optimising your blog post for search engines is simply positioning yourself correctly to be seen by search engines!

By positioning yourself correctly, it makes it easier for crawlers to see your posts and present them to readers as one of the most relevant posts. This has proven to be a way through which many have gotten tons of traffic to their site. Interestingly, you have direct control over making this work for you. The process of optimising your blog for search engines include;

  • Using targeted Keywords.
  • Writing strong meta titles and descriptions.
  • Internal and External links.
  • Using H1 and H2 Tags.
  • Using transition words.

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