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How to start a business online

Written by gbethel

Hi, I am a proud housewife who has found telecommuting a method through which I can impact my world. Welcome to my official website, where I share useful tips on how to do better and get better.

10th January 2020

Providing your followers with quality content is a major method of staying relevant.

Regardless of what kind of writer you are, it is essential to maintain your relevance to your viewers, readers or followers. Delivering quality content will increase your chances of being noticed since you are consistent.

You can also gain authority, even though you are a newbie in writing. With that being said, inventiveness or originality is an essential key you need on your mission of creating quality content for your book.

Irrespective of the genre you write on, your readers are more enthusiastic about what uncommon thing your book has. As long as you can wow your readers, it is safe to say; you are good to go.

In this post, you will figure out how to make quality content as a book author.


The first and critical part of creating quality content is finding your WHY? Irrespective of the project you intend to start, it is advisable to address this. This might come off as a joke. However, It is the key you need to start your engine for productivity. With this, you are sure to have efficiency, in other words, you will do exploit. Your “WHY” should include;

Why are you writing a book?

What are the problems you want to solve with your book?

What is inspiring you to write a book?

Why have you chosen to write on a specific topic, or in a particular genre? e.t.c.

Knowing your “WHY” will help you when you begin the construction of quality content for your book, in other words, It will give you a concentration and focus as you already know what your objectives are.

Then again, your “WHY” is a method of making your content unique. Perhaps, you are wondering how so? This is because your “WHY” can persuade individuals to hear you out, gain from you, and value your work.

For instance, one who has lived in the shoes of being overweight and eventually loses the weight stands a better chance of winning if they chose to write a book. Why? First, they lived it, second, they have a testimony, and finally, they have chosen to help others. These three reasons are capable of convincing their target to pay for their resource.

Depending on the genre you are writing, your “WHY” is capable of creating an emotion that will further make individuals appreciate your work some more. For example; Mr Shewu, a tycoon chooses to compose a book on the best way to begin from zero to a hero. Let’s say his reason is to enable individuals to create a business that will give them wealth, and eventually, the financial flexibility they desire.

His story spots light on his humble upbringing, specifically, how he said no to poverty and paid off his debts. Individuals will effortlessly buy this book, either because they can relate with his “WHY”, or because his story is inspiring. Mr show’s material will undeniably be quality content for his target audience.

Your reasons behind starting any project will prop you up when it seems like every other factor are attempting to stop you. When you recognize what your goals are, focus on it to make your “WHY” reflect through your work.

There are diverse reasons why one may choose to compose a book, maybe, to be viewed as an expert in your field. Possibly, to get new following via web-based networking media. It could be to make some profit or to demonstrate your creative writing. Whatever your reasons are; own it! Try not to be embarrassed by the “WHY” behind compositing your book.

I call this stage establishing your framework, even though this has nothing to do with computer programming, lols. Basically, this is the first step of creating quality content for your book.


With the basic questions tackled; how about we begin this development. Oh no! We don’t have the necessary materials to start, as much as we will love to go ahead, we obviously have some planning to do.

It is easy for me to decide to make some pepper chicken for lunch. However, my desire to have some pepper chicken might turn out unattainable if I don’t have pepper at home. My point is that; it is smart to map out what you have before embarking on a project.

I prescribe you create a mental picture of what you need your book to be like. This implies that; you need to have a profound idea to the subject or topic you intend to expound on.

Track the things in your mind by taking notes, as a matter of fact, you can track yourself and ideas by taking voice notes. Inability to keep records of your thoughts can be likened to you, building a mansion on the cloud.

This process will not only enable you to realize those things you have but those things you need to make your project come alive. Furthermore, your realization will put you out to start with what you have while you search for those things you will need to create quality content.


In the planning process of publishing a book; it is essential to buy and read books by other writers. This is an excellent method for improving your piece, as one with the first-hand experience in self-publishing, I can confirm this to be true.

I’ve always emphasized the significance of buying and reading other individuals’ book. Ultimately, you can discover what your competitors are doing, what people feel about their work and how you can beat them. I feel like I sound to competitive, truth be told, everyone is out to win.

Don’t buy other individuals’ work to copy from it, for crying out loud that is shady. Also, that is against the ethics of creating quality content.

Your aim should be to gain from their experience in the hopes that you avoid their mistakes. Furthermore, to update your knowledge on certain things, perhaps, to learn of the viewpoint of others, or to get inspired.

During the publishing process of my first book; I spent a lot of time searching for comparable books, to see and know my competitors thought process. I read books and articles from other individuals, in the same fashion, I took courses all intending to improve myself.

With updated knowledge on the subject topic, I could develop a better book.

Doing appropriate research will enable you to test what works and what does not, to that end, look on the web, take courses, make inquiries and join significant groups on social media.


After years of blogging, I began utilizing a content calendar in 2018, and I can confirm that; it has helped me beyond my imagination. It has helped me concentrate on things I need in creating a perfect post, above all, it helps me to maintain my focus.

It’s anything but a convoluted activity as it is for your own utilization. It isn’t one of those content calendars which you need to share unless you have a writing team.

With a content calendar, you can begin constructing the chapters of your book. For one thing, you can more readily sort out when and where you need some specific data to show up.

Let’s consider this part of being the building of your book, interestingly, you can change things on your content calendar if you need to. When you have the majority of this setup done, I will recommend you begin assembling all you have to create quality content.

The preparation done before will make composing and developing your book less demanding. I will say you go with the flow while developing your ideas. New Ideas might come in a while your building process is going on, simply continue taking note of them.

After I completed my first book, I felt like I have made a significant accomplishment, indeed, it is an accomplishment. Little did I know that; it was the beginning of hard work, in other words, you still got some work to do.


A beta reader is usually an unpaid test reader of an unreleased work of writing or other composition. They are to share an unbiased review from the perspective of an average reader. Mostly your family members can help you get this done.

Honestly, I prefer an outsider reading and judging my book. Mainly because I feel like my family will be biased in their survey. Therefore, I prefer unacquainted non-authors to be my beta readers.

From experience, you will invest a great deal of energy looking for a beta reader who is eager to read your book for free.

As one who has independently published a book and helped individuals promote their books; I can helpfully disclose to you that nearly no one is happy to give this help without getting money.

One time, I found a post on Goodreads with somebody saying, “I am available to beta read books”. I message her, and she ended up charging per word. As my significant other always says;” Even the Dogs don’t shake their tails for nothing”.

This isn’t to say you can’t get a beta reader for free. You need to put in better work to discover one who is happy to read your book without sending you a bill.

One of the most effortless ways of getting a beta reader is to converse with family and companions who you think can get the job done.

You can create awareness on social media, or email your relatives to inquire as to whether they may like to read your composition. Just be clear about your desire.

The beta reader is to let you know whether or not they like your book. This will majorly be from the viewpoint of a reader, and let’s not forget we are on a quest to create quality content.


Generally, a critique partner is somebody who enthusiastically reads your composition and gives legit feedback. Critique partners are majorly essayists, i.e. writers. They help to discover the shortcomings within your book. Critique partners understand story mechanics, they are professionals who do not hold back when it comes to sharing their opinion about your book.

The beauty of working with Critique partners is that they give productive analysis from the perspective of a skilled essayist.

Mostly this service is done for free. Critique partners who offer these services for free do this for pleasure or maybe to test or show off their skill in editing and composition. You can also find authors to do an exchange with. This means that an author accepts to review your book with an expectation that you consider their album. You have the option of paying also. It all depends on you.

You can click here to find Critique partners 40 Places to Find a Critique Partner Who Will Help You Improve Your Writing 

These two procedures discussed are essential. Most reviews are based on our own thoughts and what we believe is correct. Welcoming others to read your work from a reader and author point of view will additionally help you in improving your work.


Never make the mistake of publishing an unedited book. If you do, your reputation, your expertise and credibility will be questioned. Mind you, your potential readers are not your family and companions.

A random buyer who read a book and finds grammatical or structural errors are not scared to share an unfavourable review of your writing. Regularly getting a low rating will at the end swing to no business coming in. Sound scary, right?

There are a few reasons why one may choose to skip getting a book editor. A significant reason is because of the cost of hiring one. Most editors charge per word, page or hour. Contingent upon how cumbersome your book is, you might end up spending more than €2,000.

The major slip-up most authors does is to get an editor and say “edit my book”. Because there are different kinds of book editing processes, It is best to inquire from professionals what your needs are. I am merely saying you are not in the position to diagnose your book.

To make this less demanding to comprehend; here is an instance. One with constant headache knows that visiting a doctor will come handy. Seeing a Doctor will help you understand better the situation. Usually, tests are done to improve the medical team to get a more unobstructed view of the problem. This way, the right medication is recommended to tackle this issue.

Heading off to an expert does not only offer you the chance to get an issue illuminated. It allows you to get a piece of professional advice.

My point is don’t go to a book editor saying “edit my book”. It is excellent that you have acknowledged the fact that you need a book editor. It is ideal for offering them the chance to make proficient counsel. With there suggestions, you would understand the sort of book editing your book needs.

Making an effort to edit your book is not a bad idea, provided that, you will send it to an editor afterwards. I will recommend you get Grammarly to help with some editing while you prepare to show your work to a professional editor.

What is Grammarly?

Thank God for Fiverr, finding editors are made easy. You can talk to different editors and later pick the one you are most comfortable with.

300x250 Get More Done, Together

What is Fiverr?

I will recommend you give out less than two pages of your book to different editors. This way, you let them analyze and make a recommendation on the kind of editing your book needs? If a majority recommends developmental editing, it is best to go with their advice.

The tips above will help you greatly if you aim to create quality content. I hope you found this helpful.  Click here to learn more about book covers.

If you would like to give blogging a try, join my online course where I shared how you can start your blogging quest with just €10

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  1. Trot.World (Harshi & Aman)

    Great post and great guidelines for new or even experienced bloggers/writers. We love Grammarly! Also having a Content Calendar is so helpful to stay on track, something we recently started with too!

  2. Krysten (@WeirdGirlBlog)

    These are really excellent tips, there’s a few I definitely need to follow better, such as finding a critique partner.

  3. Marie

    This is good advice. I had not heard of beta readers before. I like the idea, but I agree with you that it should be non-family members so that you will get a more unbiased view.

    • gbethel


  4. Steph

    You’ve tackled everything that a feature written would love to know.

    • gbethel


  5. Papa Bida

    Absolutely helpful. The one that strucked me from ready is what is your BIG WHY? It would answer everything.

    • gbethel

      Thanks, I am glad you found that helpful.


    writing a book requires a lot of motivation. I think it is hard to make yourself do it, but once you really start you can definitely succeed

    • gbethel

      It is! Especially, when you have a lot going on in your life.

  7. Jackline A

    These are great suggestions especially getting an editor.

  8. amayszingblogs

    These are the great points on how to make a book content It’s always to have some research and read books from other editors to give a lot of ideas.

    • gbethel

      Unfortunately, man skips the process.

  9. Cindy

    Great suggestions. I need to start using a content calendar, thanks for the reminder.

    • gbethel

      You are welcome.

  10. Michelle

    Your tips are wonderful and very actionable. Like many things in life, if we follow a plan progress will be made.

    • gbethel

      Thanks for your contribution

  11. sushmitamalakar

    Some very great tips! Having a beta reader is a must for every writer/publisher. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • gbethel

      You are welcome, friend.

  12. seadbeady

    Grammarly is indeed a very handy tool – I use it too to write my blog posts 🙂

  13. Tessa

    These are all such excellent tips! I can struggle to allow others to read the things I write when being creative but I know the feedback is always invaluable.


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