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Self-Publishing: For Aspiring Authors

How to start a business online

Written by gbethel

Hi, I am a proud housewife who has found telecommuting a method through which I can impact my world. Welcome to my official website, where I share useful tips on how to do better and get better.

20th January 2020

Welcome everyone, today is all about self-publishing. As you all know or if you do not know, I launched a book 15 months ago.

The result I got was awesome! I worked really hard, investing both my time, effort, coupled with my money. There were things I did, couldn’t do, and some I could have done better. Ultimately, I am happy to announce to you that my book became the best selling book in two categories. Just the feeling of being a bestselling author is overwhelming and unexplainable, a topic I am not about to talk about. 

The process of self-publishing a book can turn out to be overwhelming, let nobody tell you otherwise. In details, the day you decide to self-publish your book is the beginning of hard work. Self-publishing automatically makes you a jack of all trade, it positions you to wear every hat and fit in perfectly. This is not to discourage you but to let you know the truth about self-publishing your book. However, you can work really smart as I did to get your book to rank at #1 on Amazon. As a matter of fact, I am a firm believer that it doesn’t matter if your book is self-published or traditionally published. If your content is fantastic, you can be successful, and get the exposure you need. In this article, I will be answering some questions I kept getting during and after my book was published.

how to be come a self-publishing author.

how to be come a self-publishing author.

How much does it cost to Self-publish a book?

As my mentor always says, “it all depends.” This kind of question can be likened to asking how much you need to build a house. It all depends on the kind of house you intend to build. It may be a mansion a bungalow or a duplex. Secondly, your budget. The cost of self-publishing your book depends on the quality you want for your book. Surprisingly, some people write a book go through it and load it straight up to the retailer’s site. For me, this is an unprofessional way of self-publishing your book. Self-publishing your book does not mean; writing without fine-tuning your write-ups.

This should be one of the reasons a large majority of people prefer the traditionally published books. As they get the necessary assistance as pertaining editing, proofreading, designing among other things from their publisher. Obviously, a book that has gone through proper processing has an upper hand compared to one which is half-baked. In one word, self-publishing has a cost; which is inexpensive compared to traditional publishing. Personally, I spent €750. Some were a smart choice, while some was simply a waste of money. Importantly, I got my book processed before putting it out. Of course, you can spend more or less it all depends on who your service providers are.

How long does it take to write and complete a book?

This is a function of the quantity of the book, and how much time you invest in writing. As an active housewife, who always have a hospital appointment, it took me four months to finish my book of 136 pages. Definitely, one can finish a book way faster. Personally, I feel like I took forever to finish my first book, maybe, because I was being extra. I did a lot of studying, research and survey, so as to be actual and accurate. On average, I write two to three days a week. I start at 2 am till 5 am in order to meet up with my scheduled date for Launch.

Are you rich now you have published your book?

If you’re looking at writing to make you rich, sorry to disappoint you; that is far from the case. For one who is a celebrity or a well-known author, such a result is attainable as you already have a fan base. For a new writer, I think it is impossible to make your first millions through writing. Be sure to get some few euros in their hundreds and thousands once in a while. The case is also different for an author who has a variety of books in the market. They get more money compared to one who is new into the business. My little advice is that; if you have not gained authority in writing, DO NOT QUIT your day job. As a new author, I am focusing more on creating more contents and building my fan base. I can always leverage this asset when I wish.

Has your life changed since you wrote a book?

Yes, my life has changed in the sense that; I’ve gotten a bit of exposure. I’ve been able to leverage the opportunity to do other things that seem to be productive. Above all, I feel fulfilled and accomplished when people recommend my work. It makes me want to do more.

Can you share tips on Self-publishing?

Not to worry, I will share tips on how to starts your self-publishing business. As a matter of fact, it is one of the ways through which I want to help people create a home-based business. To be a part of this, simply follow my new Facebook fan page. Where I will coach you on everything you need to know about self- publishing. I also have a closed group that will help you get a guaranteed result. All you need to do is be active and supportive of others in the group.

How did your book become the best-selling book in two categories?

Actually, it is a result of hard work. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you can tell that I didn’t sleep when it came to talking about my book. I have been writing and promoting my book at least three months to the time the book was published. I commend myself for announcing my book through any medium I found. I paid for book promotion services but none of them worked for me. I didn’t make one sell with them. Not to worry, I will gist you all about that when the time is right.

I hope you found this helpful? If so drop me a comment below, and be sure to visit next week as I will be giving out a cheat sheet that will guide you on the things you need to do before self-publishing your books.

Learn more about my book.

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