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10th March 2020

Today, you will learn how to choose a niche for your blog.

A great factor for picking the right niche for you is by choosing areas you are most familiar with, that is to say when you are in your comfort zone; you are free, shameless and willing to express yourself in the most ideal way imaginable. 

When I began blogging in 2017, I didn’t consider this procedure, as a result, I struggled.

Finding or picking a  niche is the process of characterizing what your blog represents. Furthermore, properly characterizing your blog will help you in having a composed and organized concentration for your blog. 

Take for example Amazon. When the name is referenced to; the primary thing that rings a bell is the online store. Coca-Cola; when the name is referenced to, the principal thing that rings a bell is refreshment/beverage. 

In picking a niche in blogging you should; First, Identify those things you like doing. When you blog about what you are enthusiastic about, a few things occur: 

  • You’re bound to put the time and exertion into your blog in other to make it special and unique.
  • You’re less inclined to abandon your blog later on. 
  • You’re less likely to run out of ideas.

The beautiful thing about when you are in love with what you do is that it appears through your composition, thus, this will prompt you to stand out. 

In the event that you go the other course and pick a speciality or niche exclusively in light of the fact that you believe it’s beneficial; undoubtedly, you will keep running into burnouts and disappointments. 

Do not venture into any niche you are not certain about, another key point is that; You must have enough information on those subjects you intend to promote through your blog. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you’re discussing, for what reason would anybody want to visit your blog? 

Are you still finding issues finding the right niche for you?

Please read on!

Do you like reading, shopping, drawing, tuning in to music, following up on celebrities, ranting, travelling, cooking, eating, gaming; do you like proving a point, or are you a jokester? From your rundown, select the things you do consistently. 

For example, some people love to read, yet they never get the opportunity to get a book and read it. 

Is your preferences to travel, yet don’t have enough money to travel the world. 

Some are amazing cooks; however; they can’t recollect whether they have a pot. Possibly in light of the fact that they eat out on most occasions. Thanks to their bustling way of life. 

What I am trying to state is that it is conceivable to like something yet not motivate the chance to do it. 

To explain, one can choose to make a food blog since the person in question adores cooking. On the off chance that your lifestyle does not allow you to cook more often; I wager you will run into burnout. Except for your intents to steal other peoples work, which is absolutely not proficient. 

What I will say is make a rundown of all that you like, and at that point pick from that rundown what your reality permits you to do. An example is one who has a normal everyday job, however, she loves to cook, read, gossip and shop. Her bustling way of life may not offer her the chance to cook, read or spend time with companions, yet her fat pocket can empower her to achieve something else! Which is shopping? 

I will advise such a person to make a blog that spotlights on her shopping experiences. Also, she can share her surveys about items she purchased, her shopping experience, customer care. Essentially, to be a manual for other individuals who love to shop like her. 

You ought to think and rethink, compare the options on your rundown. Take your time and always keep in mind that; what you like isn’t sufficient to pick your blogging niche. Always consider those things you are available to do when making this choice.

Here are normal slip-ups you should attempt to stay away from while choosing the right niche for you.

  • Abstain from picking a subject basically in light of the fact that you have found others fruitful in that field 
  • Choose a Niche you are comfortable with not a Niche you think you can adapt to. 
  • Abstain from making a blog dependent regarding a matter in which you have almost no knowledge.
  • Choose a Niche that you will never run out of topic with. Do this little test. On a sheet of paper develop 56 topics under you niche.
  • You don’t want to choose a niche that is too narrow and at the same time too wide. 

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