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  •  Submit a word format manuscript.
  • Fill our forms correctly.
  • Make sure to submit your manuscript four weeks before the scheduled date for publishing.
  • You will get a 90% refund if you cancel your order within seven days of placement, and 97% if an order is cancelled immediately.
  • Our services are strictly those listed in our pricing page ( no more, no less).
  •  Within our contract period, we will contact you three or more times to get your approval on certain issues. If an approval is not gotten with a week of contacting you, we will refund 50% of your payment. And the contract will automatically be cancelled.
  • Make sure your book is saved to your google drive. Provide the link with which your book will be downloaded.
Kindly provides us with a link from where your book can download your book. Preferably google drive. (1 file only: PDF or Word Format).
Give the reader a good description of the book. You are trying to get the reader to download your book. The more they know about your book the better. If your book will be free or discounted on a certain date put that in here also.
Don't be shy! The more the reader knows about you the more they will buy your book. Include some hobbies so the reader can relate to you. If your writing has won you an award put that here also. We like a minimum of 50 words.
If you don't have a website just leave the space blank.
Example http://twitter.com/prettipetiology. If you don't have a twitter account, you can leave it blank.
If you have a Facebook page put it here.
Place your genre and add a few keywords that you want your book to be listed under. Separate with a comma (example Fiction, space, space travel, etc)
Specify the date you intend to publish your book.

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