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Book Promotion is a great way to announce your book after all the hard work invested in creating it. Considering the number of books that are launched daily, it is possible for your book to get lost or buried without getting noticed. Hiring our book Promotion service is a great way of giving your book the exposure it needs.



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If you are confused on the right package to pick, read the the explainations below.

Package 1

This package only gives you access to our twitter traffic.

We are a typical example of small but mighty. Each of our posts on Twitter has more than 20 retweets and engagement. This gives your book the opportunity to spead to a good number of people.

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Package 2

With Package 2, your book will be shared in our Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Blog community. We have access to loyal and highly engaging followers.  

Be sure to get enough retweets, Facebook likes and shares, Pinterest repins and blog post engagements.

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Package 3

Purchasing our Package 3 will get you our Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Blog boost, you will be interviewed on our blog. You can get reviews on our blog, Goodreads and even Amazon.


Format: Book Name by Author Name ( e.g. The Lies by Gloria Grossi). Make sure to follow the format style else; you book will be rejected.
Give the reader a good description of the book. You are trying to get the reader to download your book. The more they know about your book the better. If your book will be free or discounted on a certain date put that in here also.
Don't be shy! The more the reader knows about you the more they will buy your book. Include some hobbies so the reader can relate to you. If your writing has won you an award put that here also. We like a minimum of 50 words.
Optional: Kindly provides us with a link from where your book cover can be downloaded. Preferably google drive. (Jpeg and Png files Only).
Optional: Kindly provides us with a link from where your book's Manuscript can be downloaded. This will help us read and prepare our reviews ahead of time.
If you don't have a website just leave the space blank.
Please post the link to your book on Amazon. Do not use a link shortener like bitly or your entry will be rejected. We also do not accept affiliate links.
Example If you don't have a twitter account, you can leave it blank.
If you have a Facebook page put it here.
Place your genre and add a few keywords that you want your book to be listed under. Separate with a comma (example Fiction, space, space travel, etc)
Specify the date you intend to publish your book. If your book is already in the market, skip this process


If you’re a new customer, we encourage you to read through the relevant articles. This FAQ will be of great help to you around here.

How many days notice do you need to Promote my Book?

A week to the actual date you intend to launch your book is what we accept. We have our weekly and monthly target. We don’t post books as they come. Our process includes finding if the book is a great fit for the services we render. In some cases, we have to read the book. After registering your book for promotion, we need to find out if the date you set is okay with our schedules. If not we will have to reschedule or send you a refund.

Do you promote all kinds of Book?

No, we don’t promote all kind of books. We do every other book except exotic books and books that glorify the devil.


Must my book be free on promotion dates?

Yes, your book MUST be free on promotion dates.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can call to cancel at any time. Below are our refund system;

  • You will get a 90% refund if you cancel your order within seven days of placement, and 97% if an order is cancelled immediately.
  • Within our contract period, we could contact you three or more times to get your approval on certain issues. If approval is not gotten within a week of contacting you, we will refund 50% of your payment. And the contract will automatically be cancelled.

How do I get Discounts

After your first premium purchase, you get a 30% discount on your next purchase. To claim your discount simply message us via Facebook.

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