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Employing the gratitude attitude, what is this all about? This is an intentional act to pay special mind to good and bad experiences  you have had. All with the aim of saying thank you to God.

One might be like “really!” Are you saying that “employing the gratitude attitude includes giving thanks for the unfortunate things I go through? Actually, the answer to this question is Yes!

Obviously, this really does not make any sense. This is me saying that; I am thankful for my last heartbreak. I am thankful that my car went bad. And I am thankful that the kids are not acting their best. 

I feel like I am writing crazy.  Truthfully, ever since I started employing the gratitude attitude, my fails somehow turn to wins.

Certainly, some people might not enjoy the same privilege I get. There are lots of factors that contribute to this. I am thankful for my faith which has made this exercise easier for me. I will not be employing the gratitude attitude if it does not work. There is a mystery behind this lifestyle.

What are you thankful for? For a Christian, expressing appreciation is a reaction to the integrity and kindness of God. Also, it is a characteristic of submission since we are directed to express appreciation. 

It is a human inclination to turn out to be internal engaged and narrow-minded, which isn’t beneficial for us. Indeed, even mainstream society perceives the enthusiastic advantages of being grateful. Appreciation encourages us to look past ourselves and the situations around us.

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