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Podcasting is the act of utilizing the internet to make digital recordings of broadcasts which are accessible for downloads on a PC or cell phone.


The 24th day of March 2019 is the day I made and published my first podcast. Truthfully, I feel refreshed, positive and enthusiastic to start creating contents. Perhaps, this is God’s way of granting me my heart desire.

This podcast was given birth to by constantly thinking of ways to glorify God. Today is the day I’ve decided to make a move to start my web recording or podcast. In spite of the fact that I have been searching for an approach to get my word out there. I have really not found a means that is as flexible as creating podcasts.

Three years prior I happened to be one of those sisters who circumvent the road to evangelise. Since I moved into the Italian system I have not had the capacity to get my priorities straight.

First, for as long as two years, a large portion of my life and exercises encompass going all through hospital appointments. furthermore, the Italian system is very different in relation to what I am familiar with. Podcasting is a way through which I can reach my intended interest group.

My job on my podcast is to speak my truth with the aim of bringing glory to God. On the off chance that you are passionate about the things of God and you believe in Jesus Christ. Please follow this movement.

This is my first podcast, what’s your opinion of it.

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