Sneak Peak from the 1st chapter of the Girls Best Buddies

Finding you early is a step away from your success story 

How to find yourself is an important question that needs an urgent answer in everyone’s life. This is why the first chapter of the Girls Best Buddies is titled Finding you early. I felt like talking about this topic would help the girls understand the importance of finding themselves.  In this chapter, I explained that knowing who you are is a very important factor while in search of one’s self. I believe knowing what you are looking for is a great determinate of you finding it. In fact, is possible to find things similar to that which you are in search of.  Knowing what you are in search of will make it impossible for you to mistake it with another. I also gave a quick test to explain this concept.

I helped the girls through this book to define themselves based on a very important; the thought of  God about them. God is very important in this quest as most people define themselves based on the thought of others. I went ahead to explain things that have to be in place in other to get the attention of God.  Also, I made mention of numerous thoughts of God about us based on scriptures. I also explained the importance of understanding and believing the thoughts of God about us. 
In conclusion, I went ahead to show them how to find themselves but I made it clear that finding yourself is a process which cannot be rushed, it entails a lot of hard work and it involves a lot of things like, finding the career part they intend to take, finding the people they are most productive around, finding themselves spiritually, pursuing their goals, finding their personal style, pursuing their dreams and so forth. I gave them some tips that will come handy in the process of finding themselves.
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