Sneak Peak from the 2nd and 3rd chapter of the Girls Best Buddies

Distract your Distractions

Hi lovelies, hope you are doing well today?  As I mentioned last week, I will be giving excerpts from my book the girls best buddies weekly. Today is the second week in these series, and I will be discussing the 2nd and 3rd chapter of my book. These chapters are titled fighting distraction and dealing with insecurities respectively. I need you to sit back, relax as we discuss about distractions and insecurities in Teenagers.

If you are unfamiliar with this series on my blog, welcome to my blog. In this series I simply share excerpts from chapters of my soon to be launched book the Girls Best Buddies. The Girls Best Buddies is a book targeted at Christian teenage girls. It is to help young girls find themselves, be themselves and embrace the beauty of what God has for them.
Moving on to why we are here today. The 2nd Chapter of The Girls Best Buddies is titled Fighting Distractions. Distractions have proven to be ways through which we have fewer engagements and plenty of mistakes. In this chapter, I helped the Girls understand the benefit of remaining focused as distractions are big enemy of success. I gave a real-life example of people that lost lifetime opportunities for giving in to distraction. I also mention ways through which distractions manifest themselves and I gave ways through which distractions can be fought making references to how people in the Bible fought distractions and got a glorious finish.

The 3rd Chapter of The Girls Best Buddies is titled Dealing with Insecurities. Because Insecurities have a way of eating people up, I chose to write about this topic in order to help the girls get their spark back. Below is an excerpt from  The Girls Best Buddies.


Building your self-confidence and overcoming low self-esteem are questions of changing your approach to life and most especially changing your thoughts about yourself. Your insecurities have a way of finding their way into your facial expression and your general composure, which can be seen by all and this has a way of attracting those who intend to prey on you; it makes things worse for its carrier because nobody tends to take an unconfident person seriously. It is important to mention that the world is not going to treat or have pity on you because you are unsecured rather the world will laugh at your inability to be yourself, you can take control early or once more by pressing until you get your spark back.

Insecurities are not built in a day; they are not reflex actions, which you just happened to do. Insecurities are a result of long-term negative thoughts before they became a way of life and a means through which we express ourselves. As I said earlier, our thoughts have a big deal of control over what we manifest in the physical, this is why the Bible said in Proverbs 23:7. “As someone thinks within himself, so he is”. This is the Bible simply saying your flesh expresses your thoughts. Our thoughts are also responsible for the choices we make either good or bad, and one who lives the life of insecurity is most likely to make wrong choices because when making choices they tend to go with the options that are likely to impress others in order to win them over or make people see them as important.

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