Unbre Book Cover

Unbre Book Cover


Are you in search of the perfect book cover for your biography, autobiography, or memoir? The Unbre book cover is your ideal match. Check the description for more information.


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Unbre Book Cover is perfect for Non-fiction books, especially biography, autobiography, or memoir. PLEASE READ You are buying this book cover’s style, not the design showcased above. That is to say; there will be changes to the final product you get as a result of the customization you have requested. The changes will include changes in color, author name, book title, and images. Provide your book title and author name upon purchasing this pack. You will get your customized book cover from me within 48hrs. Make sure to check your spam if you do not get a reply within 48 hours. Make sure to provide the accurate dimensions for your book and the number of pages your book has. I will not send source files. Transfer of this book cover for free or paid to a third party is prohibited. By purchasing this cover, you agree to the terms stated above.


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