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Blogging is a lucrative act and art to be a part of. Blogs bestowed on their creators, the ability to speak to billions of people around the world. Obviously, just by moving your fingers. Not very different from standing in the presence of billions of people to give a speech. The only catch is that you don’t have to deal with stage fright, anxiety, or inferiority complex.


Thanks for asking, lols.
I have designed this course to help beginners who are sure that blogging is something they want to do.
This course can also work for you if you are uncertain about blogging but deep inside, you want to give it a try.
If you don’t have enough money to invest in blogging this can also be a great place to start.
Non Techies will find this course interesting and valuable.
My primary aim is to have you start your blog immediately!


Considering who my targets are, I have prepared a course in a conversational way. I spoke in a clear language and made sure that all complicated terms where broken down in a layman’s word.
With cheatsheet and worksheets made available following every step shown in this course is made easy.


If you would like to give blogging a try, join my online course where I shared how you can start your blogging quest with just €10

Gloria Grossi


Hi, I am a lifestyle blogger. My three years old blog “Classic9ija” is the powerhouse that has opened diverse doors of opportunity for me.  It’s a new year, and I’ve figured that helping more people start their blog is a great way to give back.

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