Talk the Talk but watch your Words.

Is talking too much truly a problem. Today’s episode was inspired by an #tag I have been seeing a lot of on YouTube.

Even the Bible in the book of Proverbs 29:20, James 1:19-20 and James 3:5-6 has something to say about talking unnecessarily.

Have you noticed that you talk excessively? Do you know that; there is a valid justification for that. Science says that people, being social creatures, are customized to utilize communication or talking as a fundamental tool to endure and flourish. 

This wouldn’t be an issue, aside from the way that science likewise reveals to us that our most loved subject to talk about is ourselves. Individuals burn through 60% of their discussions discussing themselves, 80% while visiting via web-based networking media. The reason scientists found was that it just feels better.

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